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Public Art Projects

America's Fiberglass Animals & Objects

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It is an established fact that public art projects are a great way to raise money and awareness for your particular cause or event. America's Fiberglass Animals has cast just about every animal imagineable, be it four or twelve feet in height. If we don't have the fiberglass mold you are looking for, we can fabricate it! For more information on public art events and campaigns click on the 'Links' link. For more information click on the 'Animals on Parade' link to see how an 'idea' becomes reality or take the 'Virtual Tour'. America's Fiberglass Animals has over 20 years experience with public art projects and campaigns and the three dimensional fiberglass characters that make them unique.

3D Business and Organization Signage and Statues

Have an idea to get your business noticed? Chances are we can make that 'idea' a reality. Do you have an existing character or mascot at your business or organization that could use restoration? AFA can make it look new again. Also, Horse lovers will appreciate the large selection of fiberglass molds available.

Large or Small

Projects whether they be large or small tend to generate questions only a company with extensive experience can answer. AFA has the experience and expertise that allow you to make your project truly successful. Equally important as experience and quality is service. You can produce the best product in the world but, it doesn't do much good without the service. Great service before and after delivery is something you can count on. Have a question? Just click on the 'Contact Us' link and drop us an e-mail.

So, when its time to move your project forward it is time to contact America's Fiberglass Animals. Headquartered near Shelton, Nebraska, America's Fiberglass Animals incorporates the quality, workmanship and values that govern everyday life in America's heartland.

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